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Dir en grey Daily
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Dir en grey News, Pictures, Ect. (Anything Dir en grey)

♪ Members only. You must be a member to view and/or post to the community.

♪ There is a TEN picture limit. Exceptions being scans, requested pictures, or other approved posts.

♪ All entries MUST be friends locked.

♪ All posts must contain a photo. If posting more than one, or if your photo is larger than 400 pixels, please put them behind an LJ cut. Video Posts are an exception- multiple videos in the same post must go behind an LJ cut.

♪ Any photo containing adult content, i.e. nudity, should automatically go behind an LJ cut with a warning.

♪ Advertising is not permitted unless permission is granted to do so by the community mods; to recieve approval, please submit your request here. Selling posts are considered advertising, because you are technically advertising what you are selling, therefore, selling posts aren't allowed.

♪ No fan made graphics. This includes icons, wallpapers, fan art, etc. etc. GIFS are okay.

Sources: Credit on pictures isn't necessary, although you can if you wish.

Scans, Downloads, & Other: If it isn't your scan, download, translation, ect., please post them with credit to the original creator.

♪ Repeat posts will be deleted.

♪ Absolutely no flaming. If any of the mods get wind of any flame wars going on, you'll be banned.

♪ Got a problem with someone else on the community or just a general problem with us? Take it on over to dirudaily_mods and tell us. We will decide the best plan of action. Do not bring the drama to the community. Or else.

Rules Concerning Banning

First offenders receive a warning.
Second offenders will receive another warning.
Third offenders will receive a three day ban.
Fourth offenders will receive a week long ban.
Fifth offenders will be permanently banned.
Spammers receive automatic permanent bans.
*Length of ban may vary depending on the circumstances*

With all of that said, please have fun!

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